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{slider How to tell if you would benefit from working with a Productivity Consultant}

  • You lose focus and your productivity is suffering.
  • You are too ashamed to have people come to your office for fear they will see the mess...
  • You fear that if you put your things away you will never find them ever again...
  • You were organized at one time but your system has not kept up with your current life situation.
  • You begin conversations with ideas like ...When I get my act together...When I get organized...When I get caught up I will...
  • You avoid your office. Your space is a mess....I don't know where my ...is...I'd put things away if only I know where that was...
  • You fear your mess is too much for anyone to bear. It is horrible...no one will understand...it is the worst you have ever seen...
  • You are ready to make a change and take more control of your time, space and activities.
  • You are ready to be more productive and have the business you crave

{slider How do you know what I need?}

The first step of the process is the completion of our Productive Environment Scorecard™. This scorecard will tell us about you and your unique situation. When we discuss your results we will also explore, what is bothering you about your productivity, how long it has been this way, what has helped in the past, what is and is not working, and most importantly what will it be like when these burdens are lifted. Once we get clear about your situation and what you need, you are on your way to becoming organized and productive.

{slider How does the process work?}

Once you have completed the Scorecard then next step is to schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Productivity Audit, to determine what types of services would best suit your unique situation.

Our most popular service for individuals is the Productivity and Accountability Program. This program makes us partners in your success. Rather than just consulting, putting things in order and leaving, we work with you to implement the changes we recommend. We believe that setting up systems, building new habits and being consistent are the keys to your success. We will meet regularly over a period of at least 90 days to put you on a solid path to your vision. We want you to succeed. We want this to be your go to system from now on!

Our most popular service for teams is the Productive Environment Intensive™; A one-day service for your entire team. We understand that, “Clutter is Postponed Decisions®“, and that clutter can seriously affect morale and productivity. A Productive Environment Intensive™ is designed to help you and your team determine, what to keep and what you can safely dispose of or recycle. Reclaim your offices, your file cabinets and storage areas. When we are finished, your offices will again be a place that energizes your staff and boosts their productivity. You and your staff will no longer need to meet clients in the conference room because you don’t want them to see the piles of paper, files, unidentified boxes, and clutter.

We also offer the Total Office Transformation™, a one-day service for one individual. We meet in your office to set up the systems every office needs to be successful. This is a powerful service that will help set you on the path to increased productivity, profitability and peace of mind. Have what you need, where you need it, when you need it. Set the stage for doing great work every day.

Maybe you need something else, something totally customized for you or for you and your team. Let’s talk. We have been designing and implementing customized training programs for over 17 years. Let us customize a program for you!

{slider Do you do hands on work or are you just a consultant?}

We work with our clients either on site or virtually. We will be by your side to create a workplace that supports your ever growing success. You can count on us to provide follow-up to assure that your systems are working and to answer any questions you have about implementation of your plan.

We do find that for most clients the support of the one to one relationship is the most efficient and cost effective to get your project accomplished in the shortest amount of time.

We also offer consultation and planning services for those of you who are ready to do the work yourselves with a step by step plan to follow. If you like the freedom of following a tailored plan by yourself on your own timetable this is the service for you.

Don’t worry, no matter how we decide to work together, we will be here to support you. So let’s talk and get you started on the road to success!

{slider How much does it cost?}

Our services are billed at a very competitive rate. The most effective way for us to determine the cost of your project is to perform an assessment with you. Your choice of a productivity specialist should be guided by many factors; however, most important should be the results you can expect. Our clients are able to get their schedules under control and realize improvement in productivity and revenue. They know exactly where to find their client files and business tools. They no longer fear putting things away.

Our services have helped clients get spending under control and stop wasting money replacing items they already own, but just can't find. We help our clients get control of their bills and eliminate late fees and penalties.

We have had clients recover envelopes of cash stored in forgotten places, holiday gift certificates, uncashed paychecks and on one occasion the proceeds from the recent sale of a home. We often uncover items only to have the client remark..."Oh my goodness where did you find that? I have been looking everywhere for it".


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