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Improve Your Productivity With The Right Chair

What you need to know to get the most out of your office chair.

Improve Your Productivity With The Right Chair

Is your chair causing pain in your productivity?

Think about how much of your day you spend in your office, sitting in that one chair, and working at the computer. Are you aware of pain in different parts of your body as you sit in that chair?   If you have a chair this causing you pain, what kind of day are you going to have? How productive can you be when you are distracted and uncomfortable? Being productive in your office begins with having a good foundation and that foundation begins with a proper office chair.

Plans, Planning, Planners and Productivity

Getting started on the path to greater and more satisfying productivity

Plans, Planning, Planners and Productivity

Getting started on the path to greater and more satisfying productivity begins with the three P’s Plans, Planning and Planners. So, let’s get started!

When you are trying to accomplish your work, how do you know what is required? Does your boss give you a list; do you create one for yourself, or with your team? What does the list represent? What will you see if you accomplish your work? Will you have a new product, or service? Will you be traveling to make a presentation? Will you hire a new employee, or land a new contract?

The 5 W’s used by reporters to give us the facts of a news story give us a place to start your list or to interpret the list given to you by someone else.

What is You Productivity Plan B?

How would you recover from the loss of your files?

What is You Productivity Plan B?

What would you do if, you could no longer access the files you need to do your job?

What would you do if, your power went out and you need to get work done?

What would you do if, your computer crashed and you had no back-up?

Well, I was reminded of all these questions this week when I heard from a colleague whose computer had crashed and she was unable to work on many of the tasks that she had in progress, because all the needed information and software tools were located on that computer.

Then, I received a call from a client that her access to her favorite online tool was “gone” and she could not access any of the information that she needed for her day. This was going to be a HUGE disaster.

Fortunately, both of these situations were resolved, but imagine for a moment if their data were truly lost, and no recovery of the data was possible? Imagine too, how these individuals felt before they knew if they would get their data recovered.


Reflections of Productivity

Getting Better Perspective About What We Tell Ourselves

Reflections of Productivity

It can be life changing to see yourself from the perspective of those who can show you your reflection from their perspective. I recently read about a challenge regarding what beauty is. A photographer had women and girls take selfies and then enlarged them, printed them, and had them mounted to hang in an art gallery. The photographs were put on public display in a show. During the show at the gallery the patrons were given post-it notes to write their impressions regarding the beauty of the subjects in these selfies. They posted these on the photos in the gallery. The photographer also interviewed the subjects of the photos about their beauty in the selfies. The subjects gave many negative impressions of themselves and their perceived flaws. The patrons on the other hand focused on so many positive things about the subjects of the photographs and what made them beautiful. The subjects of the selfies were then able to view these post-it’s with the patron’s perspectives about their beauty.

Productivity and Decision Making

Getting clear about the process is your personal journey.

Productivity and Decision Making

Have you ever been in the situation where you “know” you need to do something and it just never seems to happen despite your very best intentions? A great example is what happens when we make resolutions at the New Year.   We feel we should, we feel we ought to, other people think that we should…get more exercise, stop smoking, get a new job, lose weight and so on.

Making a Decision is the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a course of action among several alternative scenarios. What is the change; where is the shift, and how do you know where you are in the process of decision making? To have decided means you are free from hesitation or wavering; resolute; determined.

How you get from deciding to decided is a very personal journey.

Preparing for Tax Time

How productive is your tax information search?

Preparing for Tax Time

It is that time of year again, the tax man cometh. Are you feeling anxious, frustrated and afraid about how difficult this process will be? Well, you have plenty of company. Pew Research reported in 2013 that 30% of us dislike doing our taxes and 26% of us hate doing our taxes. They cite everything from it being a boring chore, to the convoluted tax structure as reasons why. Especially notable were responses about the hassle of collecting and putting together the tax time documentation.

Has disorganization and lack of a system for collecting your documentation been adding to the pressure and the anxieties around this task. Is the desire to procrastinate beginning to build? Is fear of the unknown, and the shame of not having this all taken care of keeping you up at night?

Office Productivity Isn't Just About The Office

3 Keys to Being More Productive

Office Productivity Isn't Just About The Office

Being productive involves many things, but today I would like to focus on some things outside of your office that can mean a more productive day.

For the past several months I have been participating in early morning exercise at the gym. Now, if you have known me for a long time, you just did a double take. Yes, I said early morning exercise. I am not exactly what you would call a happy morning person, so this benefit was news to me too. What I have noticed over the past four months, since I made the commitment to go to the gym at 7:00am is that I have more done before lunch on gym days than on those days when I do not go to the gym. So why do I see a difference?

10 Things I Know About Organizing

  1. Evolve

Develop the mindset “I can be organized”. If you think, “I could never be organized”, you are setting yourself up for failure. To succeed, you must first believe that you can.

What to do with your "in" basket

Is your “IN” basket a dumping ground?  Do you know what is in your”IN” basket?  Do you find yourself saying…”I know it is in here somewhere, but I just can’t find it.”  We at All Ways Organized offer the following suggestions for how to manage your “IN” basket.

Creative Containers Part 2

Last month the professional organizers at All Ways Organized talked about the use of three-ring binders to organize some of the papers in your home. This month, we will share with you creative ideas for using a variety of containers for storing your possessions, and decluttering your home.

10 Things for Maximizing Small Spaces

  1. Be cool. Light and airy colors will help small spaces feel just a bit larger. Stick to cool colors like blue and green.
  2. Go monochromatic. Think soothing tone-on-tone for paint techniques, fabrics, and patterns. Cream and white, icy blues, pale greens, and butter yellows are just a few of the combinations that can open up a small room.

Putting Things "Away"

Welcome to my new blog. In the coming weeks I will share what is going on in the world of organizing, interesting things that I have learned in working with my clients and generally helpful organizing information.

Today I would like to begin with a quote from my very first client eight years ago.  As she stood at the front door, almost too embarrassed to let me in to assist her, she said" I would put things away if only I knew where "away" is."

When Putting Things Away Doesn't Help

I have had a number of clients tell me over the years that what they thought they needed was someone to put their stuff away.  When these clients hired someone to do just that, they were more lost than ever.  Why?  The process of getting and staying organized has to do with understanding the reasons why you are disorganized.  Until you know why, you will continue down the same road that got you into trouble in the first place.


How many times do you find yourself feeling I am just too overwhelmed to do anything else?  It is a common problem for all of us as we negotiate the multitude of requests made for our time and talents.  We often succumb to fear, guilt and shame:

What is Getting in Your Way?

What Is Getting In Your Way?

Author Dr. Daniel Amen in his book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, talks about killing your A.N.T.S.  What are your ants?  Ants are your automatic negative thoughts.  Maybe you have experienced ants when your boss gives you a new project, you look at that pile of papers on your desk for the hundredth time, you think about losing weight or getting into shape.  The ants are the voices in your head that scream "You can't do that!", "You are a failure!, You'll never be a success at that".

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