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What Isn't Working?

This week I had a call from a client who felt that one of the components of her system wasn't working as hoped. This client had progressed from keeping multiple scraps of paper and random notes, to keeping one phone log to capture all needed follow up phone calls so that calls could easily be returned from the road. In practice the notebook had expanded to much more than a phone message log.

Resolutions Anyone?

Well, here we are  January 2013.  How are you making out with your resolutions.  Have you had a slip?  Are you feeling like a failure?  Did you just give up? Too often we have an all or nothing attitude and the first time we sense failure we give up and walk away. For so many of the clients I have met, one missed deadline, one misplaced paper, one time late to an appointment and they give up thinking that things will never change or improve.

What is Getting in Your Way of Success?

  1. You don’t have enough time or you over-schedule your time.  Be realistic when you are estimating how long a project will take, then add more time to account for unexpected delays.   Schedule 2 to 3 hour organizing sessions on your calendar and keep these appointments with yourself.

Removing Clutter Quickly

Do you say to yourself, "I don't have time to get rid of clutter"? It is a misconception that removing clutter from your home or office must take hour upon hour of your time. If you can schedule a fifteen minute session at least once a week, you can complete many of the projects listed below in that time. After a few weeks, you will notice a significant reduction in your clutter.

Can't Use A Calendar?

This week, I had several clients complain that they just can't use a calendar. This is very common, especially for clients who have situations that rely on constant "Triage".  I have heard this complaint from executives with large staffs, realtors, attorneys and trades people.  These folks start the day in adrenalin mode, responding to email and voice mail to make a plan of attack for the day.

"STOP" before you "GO"

Often before trying to organize a space clients will go to their favorit store to buy boxes and containers.  Rather than do this I recommend that you "STOP bofore you GO".  STOP stands for SORT, TOSS, ORIENT, PLACE.  First you SORT what you have into piles of what you use and love, items that are broken, trash and items to donate to charity.

What's In Your Wallet?

Do you know what is in you wallet?  What would happen if you lost it today?  I have had clients who have reported that this has happened to them in the past and it has devastated them.  The worst part is not knowing what might have been lost or stolen.  Just like you should back up your cell phone data and your hard drives, you should back up the contents of your wallet.  Make photocopies, scan to your computer hard drive, make a spreadsheet with the numbers, contact info for the company and any other data that would help in the event of a loss.

Some Great Finds

I have found some great products that assist my clients everyday to make life easier.

The Magic Eraser-cleans marks off walls, scum off bathtubs, pools, floors, grout, tools and countertops (these are just the ones I have tried). No chemicals and wonderful results.  Mr. Clean makes them, try them, you will love them.

Getting January Off To an Organized Start

Now is a good time to assess your home record keeping systems to determine if they are effective or not.  If not, January is the perfect time to make a change.

Get Orgainzed and Find Money!

How would you like to find some money?  I find money all the time in my work with clients.  It is a great feeling.  Lost cash, paychecks and once the proceeds from a recent home sale...$262,000.00 That's right, two hundred and sixty-two thousand dollars!  It got mixed in with a pile of papers, only to resurface as we organized the office.

Organizing Dilemma Number One

As Part of our participation in the National Association of Professional Organizers GO Month (Get Organized Month) I will be providing answers to the organizing dilemmas submitted by the Members of the Business Network International – Business Referrals Unlimited Chapter

Our first dilemma is submitted by Judy Carlough of One Day Home Staging and Redesign.


Organizing Dilemma Number Two

Today's Dilemma is from Karen Burke, MBA, ACC, ELI-MP Mobius Business Coaching, LLC
I am giving away half of what we own this year - and writing about it - I look forward to sharing the journey along the way -  I would also like your advice! I was wondering how would you recommend someone get rid of half of what they own? What steps would you advice - that is my question!

Here are some steps that I would suggest in devising the list of what to send on to the universe.

January: Obstacles to Organization

It’s a brand new year and you’ve made a resolution to get organized, a resolution you have made several times before.  You may have the best of intentions, but often, obstacles get in the way.

Using a Timer to Boost Productivity

Using a timer will improve productivity.  I have clients who think that everything will take longer than it really does, because they have never really assessed how long things take. I often recommend the Time Timer.

Snow Day Organizing Game

It has been a very cold and snowy winter here in New England as it has been in most of the country.  The forced days at home with the kids can be a golden opportunity to get some organizing projects done.

Kids love to play and have fun, so here is an idea to do with the kids today during the storm.

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