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Believe and It Will Be

Just a little dose of inspiration for us all today! If you believe you can, you will make tremendous things come true! Enjoy!

Safety First: Tips You Can Use Today!

I had a horrible nightmare last night. I was walking alone and was entering a tunnel. When I approached I could see the streetlight from the other side. Then, once in the tunnel, I lost sight of the light and I thought I was approaching a wall. I realized I was quickly being overtaken by a large individual who grabbed me and robbed me. When I finished screaming in my sleep and awoke fully it made me think about personal safety and I want to offer you these tips.

Seven Obstacles to Getting Organized

Despite your best efforts to get and stay organized you have not been able to get yourself out from under.  Here are some familiar reasons why your efforts can fail and some strategies you can use to move forward.

Spring 2013 Clutter Support Group

Clutter Support Group Spring 2013

A New Session of the Clutter Support Group is forming now!  Spring is in the air!  Now is the perfect time to get you organized. Feel the benefits of more daylight and more energy for getting started on the road to organizing success.

What I Learned About Productivity From Mt. Kilauea

What is under ther surface?

What I Learned About Productivity From Mt. Kilauea

Recently, I was very fortunate to visit Volcanoes National Park and see first-hand the increasing activity in the caldera just prior to the recent eruptions and opening of new fissures.
Since seeing these sites in person and the updated footage on the evening news daily, the volcano is in my mind almost constantly.
I was awestruck by the volcano. What a large an area it covers. I watched the lava boiling near the vent - over 2000 degrees and shooting hot lava hundreds of feet in the air. It is remarkable to me that this volcano has been active for decades. Just as striking, there are other areas like the Kilauea Iki Crater a short distance away that are filled with cooled, solidified lava from eruptions in 1959. Quite a juxtaposition.
In a world where most days we hear numerous references about the awesomeness of this or that, let me say that when you use this word, you want to be referring to events like this one. I had many moments while in the park that moved me so deeply, the word awesome does not begin to convey those feelings.
What has all this do with business and productivity you ask?

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