Judith Guertin Posted in Getting Organized

Maintenance is the key.



By the photo with this post, you can see that I hit the 100K mark with my beloved 2006 Toyota Highlander. It has been a great car for my consulting business and has been my favorite vehicle by far. It feels like we have been together forever, but that has only been possible due to the regular maintenance it received over our time together. Because of the care the Highlander has received I feel confident that we will be together for many more happy miles.

Well, just as a car does not get to 100K without vital maintenance, neither does your business. In order for you to do the work that you were meant to do, you need to perform regular maintenance, or in the language of the Productive Environment Institute, "sustain your success."  This is step 5 of the Productive Environment Process.

Business, and life can be very messy. We travel, have heavy workloads, attend conferences and collect new product information and information from new contacts. We have lots of tools that we use on a daily basis. We work from home, from our business offices and from our vehicles. Our business lives can get overwhelming very quickly. So what iare business owners to do? The answer is simple, establish systems! Once you establish systems in your business, office or home you have a direct path to get back to a calm and productive environment at any time you choose. Having systems means that you will no longer be the only one who can handle routine tasks, onboard new employees or share the information with the current employees. Be able to find what you need when you need or want it, and rest assured that even when you are not there your staff can too. Are you ready to save time, save space, and enjoy being at your office.

Some beneficial systems include, email management, phone call management, work flow, action and reference filing systems for both digital and paper based information. One of the most vital systems I always recommend to my clients it to have the right back up systems. Think of your business life... what would happen if your computer hard drive failed right now? It gives you a sick feeling doesn’t it? It is among the very first questions I ask new or prospective clients: “Do you have back up, and tell me what it is that you do to back up your important data?” I have had the experience more than once of meeting with prospective clients who knew they should be backing up, or thought they were backing up only to find their data is only on that crashed hard drive. The time and money my clients had to spend attempting to get back data lost in a hard drive crash is significant, to say nothing of the missed opportunities and tarnished relationships a data crash creates.

Do you have systems? If not, do you need help to set up systems that will work for you and your company? Take our Scorecard and let’s talk about how setting up customs systems can help you.