Ever wondered if Productivity Consultants get disorganized?

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10 Ways I Might Be Just Like You

Ever wondered if Productivity Consultants get disorganized?

When I meet new people, and they find out I am a Professional Organizer/Productivity Consultant, they will often stop in their tracks and tell me how much they need me at their home or in their offices. Then, they ask about my home or my office. They want to know if my home or office is immaculate, if I have everything put away, or if I always know where everything is. I often laugh to myself wondering if I have some superhero power that I do not know about.

Always and immaculate are some strong terms. How about this; sometimes my home and office are just how I like them, other times they need work. Life happens, we travel, we get home late, something unexpected comes up, and bad things happen.

Perfection is a productivity killer. I choose to - clean up, tidy up, straighten up, put things back where they belong, or whatever terms you use to describe this task on a routine basis, but the key is an underlying system to use when things get out of control.

So, today I am want to share some of the things you may have wondered about me in my life as a productivity trainer and professional organizer. Why am I sharing this with you? Because, we are all in the same boat. We all get busy, we all have last minute interruptions, we all have days we are just too tired to put everything away…Don’t worry, with the right training and systems you can decide to get your home or office back in shape when you are ready.

Here is the list…

  1. My desk gets messy too. I know you are shocked! Yes, life happens to me too, but when I decide I have had enough I can quickly and easily put things back into my trusted system.
  2. I have had calendar snafus. Yup, some of them are my fault, some are due to lack of patience with technology (five more seconds and that appointment would have synched, or I would have remembered to hit the save button).
  3. I have missed appointments. Did you ever wake up convinced that it was Tuesday when in fact it was only Monday? Again, we are all human…Life happens! I apologize when I make a mistake and redouble my efforts to be sure I capture the right information, so it won’t happen again.
  4. I have disappointed myself. At times, I expect too much of myself (another shocker). When this happens, I think about what I learned so that I don’t repeat the same scenario again. Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch once said: “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.” Sounds about right. Try not to be afraid to fail or you will never make any progress or take any risks.
  5. I, like many of my clients have suffered from imposter syndrome. We all have, as humorist Loretta LaRoche calls them: “the committee” in our head that judges everything we do. I hear their little internal voices (or perhaps, not so little) that say, you are a fraud, you should not be doing this job. Have you ever felt this way? I work with many executives and entrepreneurs who tell me they feel exactly like this. They feel unqualified, even though they are quite successful and very competent. They fear someone will “find out”. I am pretty sure that we all have felt this way from time to time. Often it has NO basis in fact. We are afraid, and that is all. Fear stems from many things; we never did this before, we need to learn something to help us do this task, we fear being embarrassed, we fear failure. The solution to imposter syndrome is to face the fear and do whatever it is anyway. Take the next small step, then the next, and believe you can be successful, organized, on time, and prepared... Then, guess what…the fear goes away. I have also heard it said that success is just outside your comfort zone. So, dare yourself to be successful. When I have done this, I have never been disappointed.
  6. I secretly straighten displays in stores. What can I say…order is appealing…?
  7. I am constantly trying new furniture arrangements in my home. It is a lot cheaper than buying new furniture…
  8. I love order, and I love the clarity I get when I am cleaning. When I clean, I get some of my best ideas. I like the repetitive chores like washing dishes, washing the floor, ironing (yikes – who does that…ME). Don’t get me wrong even I have my limit for doing household chores, (and no, I will not come to your office or home to do yours…lol).
  9. I love that my systems allow me to do things on autopilot. I don’t have to think about what to do and how to do it, I just follow the steps I already created. It keeps me fresh to make decisions about other important things.
  10. I cheer all attempts to make changes for the better. I hear people all the time tearing down other organizers, or their methodologies. I think this is very sad. There is enough disorder and need for training in this world to keep us all very busy indeed. I know that not every person will identify with me or think that my methods will work for them. This is OK. What I hope is that each person will find the organizer with the system or methodology that resonates with them. That is how they will be successful. I sincerely cheer for my colleagues who follow differing paths, because I know, “all roads lead to Rome.” You can be organized, successful and productive using any number of systems, but the best one for you, might not be the best one for me. Just do you! Success is in your reach!

If you want to know more about my approach and the systems I use, let’s chat. You can access my online calendar here.

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