Have you checked your Spam Label in Gmail Lately?

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You might be surprised by what you find there!

Have you noticed that mail you want is suddenly going to the Spam Label in Gmail?
Algorithms are constantly changing, and recently I noticed something you may want to check in your Gmail accounts. I found 195 messages in spam in my primary Gmail account.

YIKES! When I opened the Spam Label to look at them, 194 of the 195 were NOT spam. That is a lot of emails going to the wrong label. So, what can we do?

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Here are some easy things you can do today!

When you send email to someone from Gmail, add them to your Google Contacts, before you send email to them so when they reply their email will go to your Primary Inbox.

To add contact information for a new sender to your contacts from an email in your Inbox. Hover your mouse over the senders name, and a pop out box appears. It shows the senders name and email address. Click on "add to contacts."

If they are already in your contacts the pop out will offer the choice "edit contact." You do not need to do anything further to add them since they are already your contact. Gmail sends email from your contacts to your PRIMARY inbox.

If you send email newsletters in your business, use double opt-in option for subscribing to your content. Double opt-in asks subscribers to confirm their subscription request through an email  These users confirmed their interest in your content and have a lower rate of reporting your content as spam. In addition, ask them to add the email address you use to send the newsletter from, to their contacts. This will send your email to their Inbox, and not Spam.

If you use the default Gmail Inbox with the five tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums, it is well worth your time to spend some time “training your tabs”. If you find an Update email in your Primary tab, drag it to the Update tab, this will train Gmail this is where this sender’s email belongs. Likewise if you find an email in Promotions that belongs in Primary, drag it there and then Gmail will learn where to put it next time. When you move email between tabs, immediately at the bottom left of the screen you will see a confirmation message that will ask if you want all incoming email from the sender to also go to this location. Most of the time you will click yes. Don’t forget that if you find a spam message in your Inbox, mark it as spam!

Gmail will also learn what is not spam, by how you interact with the email. If you are corresponding back and forth with a sender, there is less chance of being identified as spam.

When you find email that has been marked as spam, click the "Not Spam". Bear in mind that although you may think you added an email to your whitelist, they may have multiple email addresses and you may not have captured them all. Baby Steps…

If you send a really long email with multiple images with photos and lots of links to Gmail it looks like promotion and will likely be sent to spam.

Don’t forget to check the Spam Label regularly to sort important email from Spam.

Remember too that many of us send email from multiple email addresses and also use email software like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Keap. If you mark one email address as not spam, your choice will only apply to that email address. Add each address you want email from to your contacts.

Paid G Suite Basic users have additional spam filtering options including:

Bypass mail sent from within your domain.
Use approved sender lists.
Put spam in administrative quarantine.

For more on these features this G Suite Page talks about it in detail.

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