The real costs of disorganization.

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Have you ever thought about what your disorganization is costing you?

The real costs of disorganization.

Have you ever thought about what your disorganization is costing you? Well, here are 10 examples to get you thinking.

1. Lost Receipts: Not being able to return a purchase because you can't find the receipt means money down the drain.

2. Uncashed checks and lost gift cards: Rebates, tax returns, gifts and other uncashed checks that have expired often cannot be reclaimed. Did you hide them to keep them safe and now you can't remember where they are? I once found a check for $262,000.00 that the client lost in the process of buying and selling a home. What a nightmare! I had another client put gift certificates and money in the books above her desk. She did not realize the extent of what was there, and some of the stores were out of business. Money lost...

3. Can't find your bills: Bills lost in stacks of paperwork will result in late fees and finance charges, not to mention the effect on your credit score.

4. Multiple Purchases: Can't find what you need, so what do you do? You go out and but another one. Later you find you not only have one or two, you have several. All that money wasted .

5. Storage Space Rental: In the United States the average monthly cost for a self-storage unit = $88.85 per month. There are 1.7 billion square feet of rentable storage space in the US. That equates to 5.4 sq. feet per person in this country. The storage industry is a $38 Billion, yes, billion dollar a year industry. If you spend the average monthly price of $88.85, it is costing you $1066.20 per YEAR. What are you storing that is worth over a thousand dollars per year? What are you giving up to keep this space? As Barbara Hemphill tells us, "clutter is postponed decisions®."

6. Tax time headaches: Have you been unable to file taxes because you can't find the documents you need? This will cost you in lost deductions or even in penalties for missing filing deadlines.

7. Grocery bills: Not having the items on hand to prepare a healthy meal can cost you in take-out purchases, or impulse trips to the grocery to buy the fastest and not necessarily the healthiest food because you are hungry and tired.

8. More Clutter = Less Income: If you can't find what you need to do your job you are wasting precious time. As they say, time is money!

9. Missed appointment charges: Have you missed appointments and had to pay for part or all of the appointment? It happens all the time, your disorganization is costing you not only money, but also, your reputation.

10. Mental Health: Waking up in a cold sweat, because you can't remember where your important documents are for that meeting today? Afraid that someone will see your mess? Those are examples of the emotional cost of disorganization. Your mental health is priceless!

It is never too late to get started. If you need help? Reach out, we are here to help!

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