productivity-consulting-services-1All Ways Organized, LLC was formed in 2001 to provide comprehensive Productivity and Organizing Services. We provide consultation, education and training to promote and support healthy, balanced lifestyles for our clients. We recognize that no two individuals or businesses are alike and our approach is designed to meet each client's unique set of challenges.

We use the five step Productive Environment Process to assess your organizing style and your needs for training, supplies and equipment. We will develop goals in collaboration with you, and we will guide you to implement the organizing and productivity system designed for your needs. We will assist you to set up your office environment and assist you in obtaining the storage systems you require.

About the Founder

Judy Guertin

An Occupational Therapist for over 40 years, Judy helped people create an environment that supported them as they returned to their lives following illness or injury. When the entrepreneurial bug struck 20 years ago, it was easy to see that she was born to be a Professional Organizer and Productivity Specialist. Armed with a keen set of activity analysis skills and calm, nonjudgmental approach Judy thrives on helping her clients to stop trying and start doing!

Together with her clients she creates workspaces that support efficient workflow, effective time management, maximum productivity, and growing profitability. She becomes especially excited when helping clients discover and use the tools they already own! With her help they never again have to feel like they want to work anywhere but in their office. Judy’s mission is to help her clients rid themselves of the piles and get their data into their own trusted, personalized system. Once they know what they have and how to find it in seconds, they can be more productive than ever!

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