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one piece of paper and digital file at a time.


Swift Search: Efficient Paper Management for Instant Retrieval

Is your desk covered in piles of paper? Are you afraid to file those papers thinking you will never find them again? I get it, I used to feel that way too. I have spent the last 23 years teaching clients how to think about and manage paper at home and at the office.

My CALM Filing Method will teach you to manage the paper in your life so you never have to feel this anxiety again.

4 Simple Steps to manage you papers:

Collect what you have using our finding guide.

Analyze what is missing and create a plan to locate the rest.

Locate the files for fast and easy access, every time!

Maintain your system. Create a game plan for regular updates to your files and your index.

When we are done you will feel the freedom of an organized and productive space. Feeling CALM is a great feeling and being CALM means it will be a great day! Are you ready?


Quick Find: Seamless Digital Data Organization for Instant Access

Does your computer stress you out? Do you have trouble finding what you are looking for? Do you have too many tools that all do the same thing? Are you always looking for the one tool that will fix everything? Then The Organize Your Digital Life Package is for you. 

How it works to organize your digital life:

Collect information about the tools you use now.

Analyze when and how you use each of the tools you currently own.

Locate the information you need, where and how is it stored and can you access it FAST.

Maintain your sanity with a regular review process for your digital tool kit to be sure your needs are still being met by the tools you are using. 

More Information About 

The Process




  • Complete the Digital Information Assessment.

  • Review Your Digital Information Assessment and Your Current App Toolkit: Gain insights into various productivity applications and determine which apps should be included in your toolkit based on your specific needs and avoiding app overload. 

  • Understand the importance of digital data management and learn which information you should keep, where to keep it and why.



the key tools from your digital toolbox. 

  • What tools do you have that you do not use and can remove from your toolkit?

  • What tools do you need that you currently do not have?

  • What training do you need to be effective with those key tools?

  • Password Manager Evaluation: Get insights into password managers, their benefits, and learn how to evaluate and then choose the right tool for your needs.

  • Task Management Tool Evaluation: Evaluate what you are using now and whether it is effective for your workflow.

  • Note-Taking Apps Comparison: Explore popular note-taking applications such as Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep, and understand their features and use cases.

  • Build your new toolbox based on this analysis; knowing which tool to use and when.



  • What devices will you use the tools on? Desktop computers, laptop, tablet, smartphone or some combination of these tools: Synchronize for success.

  • Setting up your desktop for success: Organize your desktop.

  • Setting up your portable devices for success: Organize your apps.



  • Setting up a regular review process for your digital tool kit to be sure your needs are still being met by the tools you are using. Look for any additional tools you added that you may or may not need (beware of bright shiny objects!)

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